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"Feel the fear and just do it." - Agyness Deyn.



Street Wanderer feature

Feature in Rebecca Mai's 2011 street style page.

Gabriel Moreno Illustrations

Following the end of this semester, AKA the end of sleepless nights and excessive coffee which gives me heart vibrations, I woke up today and read My Modern Metropolis like it was the morning papers. Whilst savouring a kebab, I stumbled upon these meticulous illustrations by Madrid-based artist Gabriel Moreno.

His illustrations are a sweet combination of painting and ballpoint pen work. I admire how he makes the most of negative space to induce richly intricate optical illusions. I like how they float in between expressionless and flamboyant. He's also been featured in several national and international publications and ad campaigns inclusive of the LA times, Rolling Stone and Esquire. Fantastic work. 

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Daisy by Marc Jacobs fragrance

The best nights spent are the nights spent with the one you love, under the glowing sphere in the starless Singapore sky and talking about anything and everything. The scent this perfume emits is a very subtle, cozy, floral scent which I love. I tend to veer away from overpoweringly sweet or fruity perfumes because I don't want to suffocate the daily commute on my way to school.

Whilst searching for this perfume for my 20th birthday gift from him, we got our sense of smell messed up after testing numerous bottles, all precariously placed on a thin shelf, ready to be knocked over. The best thing was, after walking around with Daisy, I found out that the counter lady accidentally put a whole lot of other items in my bag without charging us. What a bonus. What a good Friday!

The Bad Streak

Some shots from my college final semester project, all edited by myself. 
Make up by Zid, photography by Rebecca. 

Shentonista Feature

Jasmine, Student, Top from Forever 21. 

Rocking a grungy, 60s-inspired look with her tinted round-framed glasses, ribbed beanie, slouchy knitted top and bodycon skirt, Jasmine was in her element that night. Keeping it comfortable and accessible with a pair of cut-out oxfords and envelope sling bag, she balances the look just right. A portrait of youth and spunk, Jasmine counts designer Gareth Pugh as a favourite and describes her style as 'grunge meets futurism'.

So that's the feature and words from Shentonista. Obviously, I had a little bit too much, hence, the overall redness. But it was a pretty good night! Here are some other photos from that night:

Recent: shoot for Keira Ann.com

What a surprise it was to get this distraction halfway while working on an on-going styling project. A friend of mine notified me about MTV's Style section featuring one of my photographs of a shoot I styled for last year's street style project. All is good and well, except the fact that they didn't ask for any permission whatsoever from my friend, the blogger, or myself to use the photo! No credits either. I don't watermark my photos because watermarking gives photos a very territorial look. A stamp of "that's mine". When it comes to fashion, I think it's much better when we admire a photo and let our senses take us where they want to without the constant ugly distraction of a semi-opaque stamp of the owner of the photo.
Given that MTV is an established company, it's just ridiculous that they would blatantly steal a photograph from anywhere without permission. 

Below is the website's page. My shot is the first from the left.

when we go free into the trapeze

the getaway

All photos taken by the boyfriend, except last one

I'm back from the Agro Cabana in Bintan and feeling more relaxed than ever. Having Arif around is one of the nicest things in my world right now and the best part is we're leaving again on Wednesday! Just in time to end the holidays, followed by Shan's 21st at The Seaview. Quite psyched for that. 


Quartz crystal necklaces and rings handmade by me. 

More for sale this coming December at...

around the corner

Some photographs from a few months ago taken for a school project, taken by Nicole. I love how it has this back alley vibe which has a creepy ambience as if you were walking home through this alley and suddenly around the corner you see these levitating, back breaking females.

day #3 of temporary freedom

After two consecutive days of staying home after my last assessment, I was itching to get outside and just spend a day doing meaningless, wonderful things like dance around on the beach and take historical epic photos with friends. David and Diva, my double Ds, were great company and the evening couldn't be more gorgeous. 

On the street: Rosa

Glamazon rushing off to class. 

On the street: Angel and Cheryl

Some street style photography inserts from a project I've been working on. A shame I can't use these in the final outcome. More to come.  


Normally, I shun the trend of painting your nails over 9000 crazy colors and patterns at once, but a healthy mix of frustration with the usual world and procrastination drove me to light up my fingertips with this interesting mash up. This is probably only the third time in my whole life using more than four colors at once on my nails. Looking at Navajo stuff all day long kinda spurs me on to try more color. Of course, this is not in much ways native american but it looks very Rubik cube-inspired (especially as to how short my nails are now!), doesn't it? 

of azures and dreams

Some favorite editorial shots.

prowl the streets

Some looks I love via facehunter